Bugatti B1 Lighter Review


At under $20(depending on where you get it) you can’t go wrong with the super cool Bugatti B1 Lighter!

Ok, so after my last review on the Xikar Allume, I figured I needed to spend some time with some other lighters.

Randomly I grabbed the Bugatti B1 off the shelf, purged it, filled and put it my pocket.

I have to say I ordered this lighter based on looks, but have found out how well it actually functions.

With that short intro to the review finally done, let’s get in to it.

The Bugatti B1 Lighter Overview

bugatti-b1-lighter-open-view-2-super-cool-lightersThe Bugatti B1 measures in at 2.5 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and about a 1/2 inch thick. So yeah, it is a good sized lighter.

It has a side trigger mechanism the is really easy to operate and has incredibly smooth action.

The flame cover on the too is manually operated for opening and closing.

Integrated in to the Bugatti B1 lighter design is a 6 and 8 mm cigar punch bar that flips up in to the front side of the lighter.

What I don’t like about the Bugatti B1 Lighter

Ok so after fiddling around with the B1 for about a week I have a pretty good idea of just about everything with this lighter.

Before I get into the things I like about I want hit the points of the things I didn’t like.

First off, I don’t like that the top doesn’t open automatically. When I hit the trigger for the first time I was a  little surprised that the top didn’t pop open.

Secondly, there is no fuel window. It really isn’t a big deal…really, but I just like being able to see how much butane I have in my lighters.

Lastly, the flame adjustment is small and a little difficult for me to move. Now, I am sure after doing it a bunch of times it will get easier, I’m just had to find something else to add here.

What I Love about the Bugatti B1 Lighter

Even though the Bugatti B1 lighter doesn’t automatically open with I hit the trigger, I love the if the top is closed you can’t fire off the

The size of this lighter is just about perfect. It’s a little bigger than a Zippo, but I have had no problem getting it into the pockets of jeans.

I am a huge fan of the overall look of this lighter. The four corner screws against the metallic cover give the Bugatti B1 lighter a super cool rugged look.

Being that I’m an occasional cigar smoker, the flip out cigar punch bar comes in handy when I am about to light a stogie.

When it come to lighting this thing up the side trigger action is smooth and easy to squeeze. I really love that the trigger is large because it does make it easier to light.

Lastly, the Bugatti B1 is great on fuel use. Filling it with butane means it’s going to be full over a week even though I am using it as my daily smoking lighter.

 How much does the Bugatti B1 Cost?

We ended up ordering our B1 from Mr. Burns smoke shop on Amazon for $17.50.

But with that being said,  I have seen it advertised on Amazon from between $17.50 – $25.

So do your self a favor and shop around a little to get the best price.

Final thoughts on the Bugatti B1 Lighter

I really like this lighter except for the picky things I mentioned above.

It works great, looks super cool, and will make a great addition to any collection.

Even if you aren’t a regular cigar smoker this torch lighter simply kicks ass so check out it out now!

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