Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter

$ 46.00 $ 19.99


Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter

$ 46.00 $ 19.99

Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter Features:

  • Powerful Wind Resistant Jet Flame
  • Smooth Single Action Trigger
  • Visible Butane Fuel Window

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Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter Description:

The Obsidian Torch Lighter by Blackwatch is a compact and rugged triple torch lighter is perfect for the just about any smoking situation you can find yourself in. From a night out with friends to a black tie event the Obsidian has got you covered.

With a smooth and almost effortless single action trigger you light up the first time every time. Its powerful wind resistant jet flames are housed in a tough and sleek all metal body that can take any beating that life throws at it. The Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter has a large fuel tank and butane level window so you know it’s time for a refill.

Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter is a lighter that is full of class and rugged style. Finished in black matte this torch lighter makes the perfect addition to any survival bag or gentleman’s smoking accessories.

Please not this lighter will arrive without fuel due to shipping regulations. Blackwatch recommends using highly refined butane fuel to ensure long lasting use.

A quick review of the Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter:

I was excited to get this one and try it out. Looking at it is a lot like the calm before the storm. It’s very refined, but not overly pretentious. The trigger is incredibly smooth and the triple flame is amazing! It is good on fuel and has a pretty good sized tank. Perfect size for a pocket and look so sharp. We really love this one!

Almost all lighter descriptions on line claim there is no butane in the lighter when shipped, but almost all lighters have at least some still in the tank from when it was tested by the manufacturer. When the Blackwatch Obsidian Torch Lighter arrived it was empty and the air had been bled out of the tank. For those who don’t know having air in the tank when you fill can cause torch lighters to spit and sputter. We were happy to find a real cigar lighter ready to go!