Daffodil USB Lighter

$ 9.45


Daffodil USB Lighter

$ 9.45

Windproof Lighter – Light cigarettes in all weather conditions!

  • USB Charged – Easily charged at your desk, in your car or from any powered USB port
  • 60 Light Battery – Internal battery lasts for 60 lights between charges

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Daffodil USB lighter is wind-proof, flame-less, and Eco friendly Lighter.

100% wind proof lighter easily light cigarettes in almost and weather. Charged via USB easily from your computer, in your car or from any powered USB port. The internal battery will last for approximately 60 lights between charges.

What we think about the Daffodil USB Lighter

No doubt this is a super cool lighter. The only thing we all agreed that we did not like was the initial charge time that was almost six hours. Thank god we have a crap ton of lighters around the office. Other than that this lighter is awesome. When we compared it the pilot mini the daffodil USB lighter was the clear stand out of the two USB lighters.

How much is this USB Lighter  going to set me back? Only $7.95
By Paul Amazon Verified Purchase

It worked so well my girlfriend got the one I ordered and I had to get another lighter. It did last about 60 clicks before I had to recharge it. Once the heating coil glows red you’ve got about 5 seconds to get your smoke lit. Wind is no problem; it works great in the wind. this lighter is just a little bigger than the usual cigarette lighter and non-smokers won’t know your carrying a lighter.

By NorCalGal Amazon Verified Purchase

I bought 2 of them for gifts and they both worked beautifully straight from the package. They’ve got a nice, modern style and a simple switch to either start the lighter or uncover the USB link, based on which way the switch is shifted. The lighter fires quickly and easily.

Hannah E. Roberts Amazon Verified Purchase

It works the same as it says. It is compact and hassle-free, everybody thinks it’s magnificent. It’s a great discussion piece and the USB charger works great.
**Please remember the Daffodil USB lighter had no child safety devices installed**


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