Butane Watch Lighter

$ 12.00


Butane Watch Lighter

$ 12.00

  • Novelty real watch with lighter function.
  • This butane lighter is made of fine quality material.
  • A good decoration for your wrist.
  • Watch cigarette lighter is comfortable to wear, it is a ideal present for your friends.
  • This butane lighter is essential to your enjoyment, whether you choose to smoke pipes, cigars or even cigarettes.

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The Butane Watch Lighter is striking and distinctive!

This Lighter watch is really a useful addition for any smoker or party person! With the one of a kind style it’s effortless to look at the time! Impress friends and family by showing off in this exceptional way, and it doubles as a way light up a smoke! Get one today! This wrist watch might not include lighter fuel. Make sure to keep flame away from your face and other people!

Our review of the Butane watch lighter

Ok, even looking at this I knew it would be a super cool lighter. When we got thing in It was so much cooler in person. This thing is like some James Bond type lighter.  The watch works just fine and looks pretty cool. The lighter works great for regular smokes, but not great for anything else. None of us were even a little disappointed with the Super Cool Lighter. Our Butane Watch Lighter had some butane in it when it came in and it was really easy to fill up. I probably shouldn’t have to tell you, but it’s not water proof. So don’t plan on taking this lighter diving. It’s not very wind proof, so don’t plan on using it in heavy wind. Regardless of those two things, this watch and lighter combo it simply super cool. We give this lighter ten flames up!

How much it this going to set me back? Only $8.99!


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