Chewing Gum Lighter

$ 4.58


Chewing Gum Lighter

$ 4.58

Fashionably disguised lighter features:

  • Refillable butane lighter
  • Perfect as a gift or personal collection
  • Fits almost anywhere
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 The Chewing Gum Lighter is a lighter in disguise!

So, what’s the deal:

The chewing gum lighter is really a butane flame lighter which is the exact same size as a real pack of WRIGLEY DOUBLE MINT chewing gum. This lighter is great for cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes! This handy little lighter has an adjustable flame and is super easy to refill with standard butane. Outstanding gift product or so that you can put in your personal collection!  Restricted Supplies available for this item so buy the chewing gum lighter now before our supply runs out!

What we thought about this little lighter.

An enjoyable gizmo to flaunt to your pals any time. It’s an absolute must have lighter for all. The lighter looks so much like a real pack of gum we had no problem fooling other people in the office. A+ for the chewing gum lighter!

The bottom line:

 The chewing gum lighter cost? $6.98

A review by “birdy” Amazon Verified buyer

I purchased this lighter for my son. He sought a refillable lighter, and many Zippo’s are usually fairly pricey in my personal opinion. This particular lighter was low-cost and I liked the look. It really looks just like a pack of gum as well as being exactly the same size. Ours arrived full of butane although it stated it will come unfilled. So be cautious once you take it out and begin using it.

On account of worldwide shipping and delivery safety regulations, gas and or fuel is not permitted to be shipped therefore we have to empty all gas fluid from lighters. There is no child restriction or protection on this lighter, so please just be careful when using the chewing gum lighter.


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