Hand Grenade Lighter

$ 12.98


Hand Grenade Lighter

$ 12.98

The golden hand grenade lighter has an attached keychain and is an ideal gift for the savvy smoker who also may have:

– served in the military

– enjoys first person shooter video games

– plays paintball, Airsoft or laser tag


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The Hand Grenade Lighter:

When it’s time to make smoking a blast with this refillable hand grenade lighter! It comes with an extra flint and is the perfect smoking accessory to liven up you smoking breaks. This novelty lighter looks identical to a real grenade, with the exception that is it gold-plated – there’s no need to worry over innocent bystanders that may mistake it as a real weapon of war. The hand grenade lighter is 2 inches by 1 ¼ inches by 1 ¼ inches, so it fits easily in your pocket and it isn’t nearly as cumbersome in size as a real grenade.

This lighter does not come with butane pre-filled in it, due to shipping restrictions. It also ships within 10-30 business days as it is only manufactured internationally. Being that this product is extremely rare and hard to find at local stores, plan accordingly if you need to pick up the hand grenade lighter for someone as a gift – order well in advance and know that shipping time varies depending on your location. If you know a bombshell, firecracker or livewire personality that gets a kick out of bomb/ grenade related accessories, pick up the golden refillable hand grenade lighter today!

Super Cool Lighters review of the Hand Grenade Lighter:

We absolutely loved the look of this lighter. Our worry was the shipping time notice that was placed in the description. Well, it took almost three weeks, but this super cool lighter was worth the wait! It fires up great and does not burn through fuel in a hurry. The extra flint was a nice touch, but it is not that great quality, so we replaced it with some zippo flint.  Overall we really dig this little novelty lighter!