Premium Butane – Top 3 Picks


Premium Butane –  Super Cool Lighters Top 3 Picks

When I first got into collecting torch lighters I used cheap butane instead of any of premium butane fuel to refill my torches simply because it was cheap. Most of the time after refilling them with cheap butane they did things like spit, sputter, or simply not light. It was really frustrating to me that after spending my hard earned money on “good” lighters it seemed that almost all of them were crappy. It turned out they lighters weren’t crappy, but my butane and maintenance was. I have heard a lot of arguments over what the best premium butane fuel for lighters is, but before I get in to what I use and recommend let’s talk about what butane fuel for torch lighters consists of.

Butane for torch lighters is really a mix of normal butane, isobutane and propane. All of it gets put in the fuel canister along with some air. It is then pressurized so it can be shot into the lighters fuel cell.

Now you actually know what butane fuel consists of let me talk about butane quality, because butane quality is another subject that gets confused quite a bit.

The bottom line is if you have a perfectly clean burning butane, that’s without any impurities, won’t clog up your lighter. Over a long enough time though, even the best butane can clog up a lighter simply because there always going to be some kind of impurities either from the can itself or from the refining process.  When shopping around for premium butane you will find triple refined, 4x, 5x, even 7x, refined butane, but that doesn’t mean it is perfectly clean butane. It does mean they have reduced the impurities in the fuel, but if the process they use is crappy it can be refined 100 times and you’d still have impurities in it.

The company XIKAR claims that their premium butane is the best butane fuel on the market because it only has 15 PPM (Parts per Million) of impurities. This is not one of the lowest PPM I have found, but there are manufactures that don’t ever mention the number PPM impurities. Ventti Butane states on the can they have less than 30 PPM of impurities in their butane. Both of these have a very low PPM of impurities, but does that make them the best? I really don’t think so, Colibri has less than 6 PPM, but it is not my favorite premium butane to use. Something you should also keep in mind when shopping for premium butane is that impurities in butane fuel can show up in other ways like the manufacturing of the can itself. Some companies use a welded vertical seam to seal up their butane cans. The welding process can add impurities that show up when the can is filled with butane.

So you might be wondering after all that info just what the best Premium butane to use is? Here are our top 3 picks.

vector-premium-butane-super-cool-lightersVector Premium Butane

Vector Quintuple Refined Butane fuel is produced in Korea by Vector and it is the company’s leading item. This highly preferred butane manufacture says that its high grade refined butane is purified 5 times.

The 5X refined butane using a cold filtering technique, Vector Premium Butane fuel is one of the very best and cleanest out there. It’s in the top 5 most popular butane’s out there.  Vector Butane Fuel is an item of Vector KGM Industries in Commerce, California and it is shipped in solely from Korea.  With Vector Butane you’ll never have to be worried about which kind of nozzle your butane has with Vector, because the cap on each and every Vector butane container has 5 nozzles that you are able to change out with the standard nozzle that comes installed. Click here to check it out at


colibri-premium-butane-super-cool-lightersColibri Premium Butane

The Colibri Group was founded 1928 by Julius Lowenthal who created the business. Through the 1930’s and 1940’s Colibri completely set up itself with a number of remarkably profitable butane lighters such as the Monopol as well as the Stormgard. Colibri also delivered the “Golden Gun Lighter” for the 1974 007 movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun”, that was derived from the Molectric 88 butane lighter.

Colibri relocated their head office to New York City during 2009 after the company was bought out. Colibri carries on being an leader in the industry by supplying one of the most pure premium butane available.

Their premium butane is refined in state of the art refining facilities and filled in the cleanest environment achievable. This results in butane so pure that there is fewer than 6 parts per million of impurities!  It doesn’t need repetitive filtration to get rid of the undesirable contaminants which affect the overall performance within your lighters, and will not affect the taste of any cigar and/or tobacco you choose to use.

The 99.9994% level of purity of Colibri’s butane allows us to highly recommend our butane with pride for any refillable butane lighter. Colibri Premium Butane is manufactured to minimize the amount of impurities that can cause blocked burner valves, malfunctions, and also to guard against high-priced lighter repairs. The 300 milliliter cannister is fitted with 5 detachable adaptor nozzles in the cap so no matter what type nozzle is in your lighter there won’t be a problem. Click here to check it out at

newport-premium-butane-super-cool-lightersNewport Premium Butane

In 1963, tobacco industry experts Geoff Keen and Ron Gibbons met up one night to have a smoke and chat. At some point, the discussion made its way to a favorite subject; The way to create and market a dependable, ground breaking, and low-cost premium butane lighter refill system. A system that could take on competition like Colibri who had been established in the industry for quite some time. A short time later Newport Butane was on its way. Having an unparalleled good reputation for innovation, for instance their ground breaking torch lighter re-fill container, Keen-Newport continues to be setting up the expectations inside the processed butane industry for 50 plus years. Regardless if you are filling up a cigarette lighter or a culinary torch Keen-Newport has all your needs covered.

Newport butane boasts less than 50 PPM impurities in its butane placing it in the top 5 of best premium butane makers in the world. The Newport container is just about the most revolutionary in the market. It provides an impressive 8 unique nozzle tips to ensure that a comfortable match for any butane device known to man. In addition to that the top even offers 2 extra flints pieces to be used in a number of various lighters. If you’re trying to find a widely used butane that is trusted by countless people coming from a top producer in the market then you need to get some today! Check it out at!

Final Thoughts on Premium Butane

What I want you to take away from all this is that you should use at least triple refined premium butane in your torch lighters. The recommendations we made above are just that, they are simply what premium butane we use on a daily basis. Do a little research for your self and try some different premium companies out for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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