A Real Xikar Allume Torch Lighter Review


I’m going to get right into it, so there is not going to be much of an intro to this Xikar Allume review.

The Xikar Allume lighter has got to be one of my favorite lighters and I’m not just saying that.

Really. I think it is a super cool torch lighter.

For almost a year now I have been using it as my daily lighter. When I leave the house it goes with me.

It’s either in my pocket on on my desk.

You might be wondering, “what is the Xikar Allume lighter?”

Xikar Allume Torch Lighter

my-xikar-allume-steal-super-cool-lightersOk, the Allume lighter by the guys at Xikar is a compact torch lighter that you can get in single, dual, and triple flame design.

The single flame design is obviously the smallest of the bunch and they get bigger from there.


At just 1.3 inches across and 2.2 inches tall the single flame Xikar Allume lighter is perfect for fitting in pockets or just about anywhere you can think of.

The double flame Allume is a bit bitter measuring 1.6 inches across and coming in at 2.7 inches tall.

Last but not least,  the table top size Xikar Allume triple flame is 2.4 inches across and 3.5 inches tall.

Xikar Allume Colors

You can get the single flame Xikar Allume in 11 different colors; Reef blue, Citrus green, Neon pink, Tuxedo black, Stealth grey, Alpine white, Steel, Riot red, Crush Orange, Electric yellow, and Imperial purple.

Basically a color that can fit just about every ones different personal style.

The double flame Allume has a few less color options, but still a really decent collection.

You can get it in Tuxedo black, Stealth grey, Steel, Alpine white, Riot red and  Reef blue.

When it comes to the table top triple flame Allume, you can get it in Tuxedo black, Stealth grey, Sliver, and 2 of the super cool Room 101 custom designs.


One of the things I love most about Xikar Allume, and all Xikar lighters is that they all have a large flame adjustment wheel that makes getting the perfect flame height so easy.

xikar-allume-single-flame-torch-lighter-display-super-cool-lightersYou aren’t going to have to struggle with flame adjustment like you have to with many other lighters.

There is a small fuel window on the back side of the Allume that makes it easy to see when you are getting a little low so you can fill it back up with butane.

This is a big bonus for me because I really hate when I need to use a lighter and it’s empty.

With the fuel window on the Xikar Allume that’s never a problem.

The side trigger is another favorite feature of mine.

It has incredibly smooth action and lights up every time.

So now you that I have given you a quick overview of what the Xikar Allume torch lighter is I want to change gears and go over the things I din’t like as well as the things I did like about it.

An Actual Xiakr Allume Lighter Review

Like I said up at the top I have been using this lighter for the better part of a year, so I figure it’s time for a no shit review.

I’ve got to tell you that I am only reviewing the single flame Allume because it’s the one I ordered, so I can’t go into any real detail about the dual or triple flame models.

What I don’t like about the Xikar Allume torch lighter

First off, the size of the single flame version is a little smaller that I like. It does fit great into the pockets of my jeans, but it’s I tend to prefer a bit larger of a lighter.

The only other thing I don’t like about the Xikar Allume is that the metal band around the top rattles around when the screws get loose. It is too easy to fix though.

All you have to do is remove the flame adjusting wheel and tighten the two screws the hold the body of the lighter together.

It doesn’t happen often and it takes quite a while before I even notice it.

What I love about the Xikar Allume jet flame lighter.

It almost hard to figure out where to start here because I like just about everything about this lighter.

Ok, the weight of the Allume is good. It feels like a solid lighter in my hand. You know, you can feel the quality of the product.

I really like being able to “feel” that I have made a good investment.

The fuel window is awesome. I know that a bunch of lighter makers use this feature, but the way Xikar incorporated it into the design is perfect.

It’s not so small that it’s not usable and it’s not so big that it takes away from the design.

When it comes to the side trigger, I simply think it is super cool.

That is one of the main reasons I decided to get it.

When I compared the Xikar Allume and S.T. Dupont minijet it was a tough choice because they are very close in design and style.

The two reasons that I decided to go with the Xikar Allume was that it had a large flame adjustment wheel and a much better price.

Speaking of cost, let’s take a look at that now.

How Much does the Xikar Allume Cost?

xikar-allume-single-flame-lighter-size-compairisonAt the Xikar official web site you can pick one of the single flame ones for $59.99.

The dual flame version is going to cost you $79.99.

To get one of the triple flame versions it is going to cost between $99.99 – 109.99.

Because I am a little on the cheap side I did some shopping around and found the single torch version at Amazon.com for between $35 and $49.

I ended up ordering off Amazon and was happy I saved a little cash.

I do have tell you that by ordering for the Xikar website you can get lighters and cutters engraved, so if you are want to get one of these as a gift why not do everything at one place.


The Bottom Line on the XiKAR Allume Torch Lighter

So, I really like the Xikar Allume lighter because it feels like it is worth what I paid for it and it works really well.

Like all torch flame lighter it only need a little maintenance once and while, but nothing out of the ordinary.

There tons of places you can get it online and a few places where you can get cheaper the the Xikar site.

Click here to check it out at Amazon.com now!

Maybe the Xikar Allume just isn’t for you, so check out all the other lighters we’ve got for you to check out.









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