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Xikar Lighters – Why We Love Them!

We have only put up and reviewed two Xikar lighters here at super cool lighters simply because we have been trying to get a bunch of different lighters tested, reviewed, and put up on the site. I am a bit of a lighter junkie and have just short of fifty million lighters, but have been using just one for the past couple months.

The Xikar ELX has been pretty much in my pocket basically nonstop since we got it. I held off on doing a review because I said was testing it. The truth is I just love how it felt in my hand. There is nothing I can really put my finger as to way I can’t stop using it, but I love it. The action is smooth, it looks cool, and it simply is…a GREAT lighter.

Last week I picked up a Xikar Allume twin flame torch that was supposed to be a gift for my brother in law. When I got home and pulled it out of the box to fill it up with butane I started to really check it out. The more I checked it out the more I started to like it. I filled it up and used it a few times and before I knew it I was on my way back to the cigar shop to get another lighter. The Element ELX Lighter is now up on the shelf and I keep the Allume Double Stealth in pocket.

So I guess to have to say, officially, I have a man crush on Xikar lighters. It wasn’t all that long ago Xikar started designing and making super cool torch lighters. Back in 1997 Xikar was just getting off the ground. They were making these awesome cigar cutters and selling them locally in Kansas City. In just a couple of years their cigar cutters became incredibly popular due in part to their quality and lifetime guarantee.

It wasn’t until 2004 the guys over at Xikar even began creating lighters and in just fifteen short years their lighters have become a household name for cigar smokers. With the unique styling, lifetime guarantee, and price point that you almost can’t say no to they have grabbed such a huge piece of the market.

They have developed an extensive line of high quality Xikar lighters that range from the everyday lighter to the lighter that goes with you to a black tie event. I really love that the awesome torch lighters that they have created not only have a life time guarantee, but cost between $30 and $100.  I find it hard to believe that I can get a torch lighter of this quality for less than $100. My S.T. Dupont Maxi Jet was more than $150 and I only got a two year guarantee! I really like the Maxi Jet and it is a super lighter, but Xikar lighters have a much better guarantee and price point.

We just ordered a bunch of Xikar lighters from the Tech, Stratosphere, Incline, Executive, Cirro lines that they produce. I am sure I am going to love them just based of the two I have now. Don’t take my word for it, do a little research for yourself and check out all Xikar lighters has to offer.

You can check out all the Xikar lighters and Xikar smoking accessories over at their site www.Xikar.com


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