XiKAR Stratosphere Review


So after I decided to finally put down the Bugatti B1 lighter, I decided to do a XiKAR Stratosphere high altitude lighter review because it’s look and size are really intriguing.

The size is a lot bigger than I imagined from looking at the pictures, but not so big you can’t fit it into a pocket.

Well, you’ll be able to fit it in your pocket unless you are wearing skinny jeans, but I can only imagine if your a skinny jeans type person this lighter probably isn’t for you.

Anyway so when I ordered a XiKAR Stratosphere for this review I ended up getting a XiKAR Stratosphere II.

This really wasn’t a big deal to me because there isn’t much difference between the two models except or the exterior styling and the locking top.

Ok, now that all of that stuff is out of the way let’s get right into it.

XiKAR Stratosphere Overview

Designed with the out doors in mind, the Stratosphere has a rugged design that can take the abuse of the wilderness and can light even at altitudes up to 12, 000 feet.

XiKAR Stratosphere Specs

So the Stratosphere High Altitude Lighter measures out at about 3 inches tall, 1 1/2 inches wide (at the widest point), and is just over half an inch thick.

It weighs in at 1.9 ounces with a full tank of butane and has the lanyard attached.

Like almost all XiKAR lighters it has an over sized wheel for flame adjustment.

The lighter has a single torch flame that is activated be the thumb ignition.

A textured composite rubber body and spring assisted cover comprise the exterior of this lighter.

Lastly, it features a large fuel window and is available in red, black, blue, clear, and green

What I DON’T like about the XiKAR Stratosphere

The XiKAR Stratosphere seems a little loud to me. I lowered the flame and tried to make some adjustments, but it still seems to be a little to much of a loud jet flame sound.
In all fairness, it’s not so bad I don’t want to use it.

It’s just one of those picky things I noticed.

What I DO like about the XiKAR Stratosphere

First off, this light just looks tough. It really has a solid design and overall look that to me makes it a super cool lighter.

Like all the XiKAR lighters I have owned before, it lights every time.

The fuel tank is large which I REALLY like. During the month or so I used it as an everyday lighter I filled twice and still have a decent amount of fuel init.

The XiKAR Stratosphere is kind of a big lighter, but it is still slim enough to fit into a pocket without any problem. Unless you are wearing a tight pair of skinny jeans.

How Much does the XiKAR Stratosphere Cost?

I ended up ordering this lighter off amazon and found it for $22.31 through the eCop! store.

I have seen the XiKAR Stratosphere for sale between $22.00 and $40.00, but retails from 29.99 on the official XiKAR site.

Take your time and do some shopping around before you pick this one so you can save your self a couple of bucks.

Final Thoughts on the XiKAR Stratosphere Lighter

Even though this not my favorite lighter, it is a super cool lighter and it’s one I am sure many people will love.

The lanyard that comes with it is handy I would remove it if your going to carry it around as a pocket lighter.

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